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Infratank - tanks

Commercial Tanks

Offering the best in water storage, INFRATANK™ offer exceptional design with the best in manufacturing from our experienced fabrication team using 100% virgin polyethylene material.

INFRATANK™ are manufactured from INFRAPIPE™ New Zealand’s, latest pipe manufacturing machine from Europe to provide a solid, strong & reliable tank body providing the best in structural integrity.

INFRATANK™ are customised to meet the requirements of specific projects and our technical engineering technician can assist in the design to meet all the customer’s specifications and requirements for all applications.


Infratank tank
Infratank Tank

Product Attributes & Benefits

INFRATANK™ combines strength, performance, quality, longevity and exceptional durability.

Infratank tank features


Can INFRAPIPE™ tanks incorporate washdown systems?

Absolutely, HDPE easily accommodates internal systems.

Are they trafficable?

Yes! INFRAPIPE™ tanks can be designed to take any load with as little as minimum 600mm of cover.

What are the requirements for installation?

Typical bedding material is GAP 20/40.

How easy is access to the inside of an INFRAPIPE™ tank?

INFRAPIPE™ tanks can be designed with as many manholes and ladders as required.

Is flotation an issue for INFRAPIPE™ tanks?

For sites with a high ground water table, fittings can be supplied to avoid the risk of flotation.

Do we need a professional design service?

No. INFRAPIPE™ need the soil details and will then design it for you.

What types of connections are available with these tanks?

Our tanks provide connection options such as flanged, threaded or butt-welded based on factors like tank material thickness, flow rate, and stored liquid type.

Can we modify this tank?

Yes, the beauty of HDPE is at a later date you can modify, create or remove connections.

Pressure Test For Leaks

The Reliable Way to Find Leaks

Infratank Tank Pressure Test for leaks

Every tank completed by our experienced fabrication team is air-tested for leaks.

The tank has to hold pressure for 15-20 minutes at 0.5 bar. Should the pressure gauge show a pressure drop, a soapy solution is sprayed on all welded joints looking for any bubbles foaming on the weld being checked. If this occurs the tank has to be depressurized and the weld is redone.

The tank is then rechecked under pressure before sign off by the tank fabricator as leak-free and ready for dispatch to the customer.

Tank Inlet/Outlets Additions

Complete Tank Solutions

The tank’s design can have multiple fittings added due to the requirements needed for water entering and leaving the tank.

Optional fittings may include inlets and outlets, providing the connection utilising electric fusion couplers, bends, T-junctions, and puddle flanges with backing rings to have a variety of different valves added.

Infratank Tanks
Infratank Tanks
Infratank Tanks


Delivering on quality is what we do!

Infrapipe Tank

INFRATANK™ can be delivered completed in the North Island but delivered South Island depending on size may have to be shipped in sections and welded on site.

See to the left a 2.5m diameter by 19m 200,000L capacity stormwater emergency storage tank, delivered complete to Tamahere Country Club in Hamilton, North Island.

**NOTE Oversized tanks may require the use of a pilot vehicle.

Design Assistance

We Engineer Optimal Tank Solutions

Infratank Tanks

Customized tanks require technical specifications and accurate calculations, for different applications.

CAD drawings can be supplied on request or can be altered if required for redesign due to incorrect information due to groundwater level, load ratings if trafficable and soil conditions.

Wastewater and stormwater tanks can also be installed with internal spray wash-down systems for high- or low-pressure options.

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Our goal is to provide cost-effective products that are manufactured from recyclable materials. The manufacturing process limits waste which limits carbon impact.

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