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Environmentally Friendly Spiral wound
Large Diameter PE & PP Pipes

Sustainably manufacturing pipes from Polyethylene and Polypropylene for New Zealand and Pacific Islands Infrastructure. Our goal is to provide a service that encourages the installation of high-quality engineered infrastructure to last for our generation and the ones that follow.

Strong & Durable

The stable nature of Polyethylene means it is highly chemical & abrasion resistant.

Long Asset Life

Our large diameter Infrapipes™ have an asset life in excess of 100 years.

100% Recyclable

When the pipe reaches the end of its long life it can be recycled and turned into other products.

Light Weight

Up to 90% lighter than concrete rcrrj pipes and up to 65% lighter than solid wall PE pipes.

Latest Technology

The Latest Technology

Made in NZ using the latest European technology

Our pipes are manufactured in New Zealand using industry leading technology from Krah in Germany. Every pipe is engineered to the specific requirements of each project’s specifications. The tailor-made design process means a reduction in material usage and design to minimise the cost of pipeline infrastructure.


Our goal is to provide cost-effective products that are manufactured from recyclable materials. The manufacturing process limits waste which limits carbon impact.

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